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Last year, the travel agency cooperation TSS created the “Digital World Tour” platform – a digital exchange between tourism partners from Germany and abroad. This is now going into the second round with old and new partners. The new edition also includes another end customer campaign.

With the new edition of the digital trip around the world, TSS wants to direct the tourism industry’s view of the future. Because according to Manuela Molina, founder and managing director of the cooperation, the future will be significantly better than the present.

“However, it is important to use the time effectively, to refresh one’s knowledge of new products and developments, to be prepared and to collect ideas in order to optimally meet the wishes and needs of the customers,” says Molina. Because only those who are active and visible and who advance their achievements will be part of the expected upswing.

New end customer campaign planned

The digital trip around the world will initially last two months from March. According to Molina, it brings tourism partners from home and abroad together with thousands of travel agencies. The focus of the platform should be on communication, information, education and customer-oriented and winning models. Specifically, the participating partners should introduce themselves to the travel agencies with their product news and start talking to each other. The aim is also to find decisive impulses for joint customer contact.

How this can be successfully put into practice is to be shown, among other things, by the “Ask your travel agency” campaign for end customers entitled “Fall in love with…”. This is where the step from the digital world tour to direct customer contact takes place.

Further information on the new edition of the Digital World Tour, on registration and on the end customer campaign is available on the website www.digitale-weltreise.de as well as by email to info(at)digitale-weltreise.de or aktion(at)fragdeinreisebuero.de.

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