From February 21st in Seoul, 3 million won will be paid to travel agencies

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization will support small businesses in Seoul with 3 million won each for a total of 16.5 billion won / Seoul Tourism Foundation

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization will provide a total of 16.5 billion won to the tourism industry to overcome the crisis in the Seoul tourism industry. As a continuation of the tourism industry support project that has been in place since immediately after the corona virus, the plan is to lay the foundation for the resumption of tourism in Seoul through active and practical industry support.

Funds for overcoming the crisis in the tourism industry in Seoul can be applied for online on the website of the Seoul Tourism Organization from 10 am on February 14 to 6 pm on March 11. The target of support is small businesses in the travel business, tourism and lodging business, international conference business, city bed and breakfast business, and hanok experience business. However, you must be careful as it cannot be received in duplicate with the ‘Seoul Rental Small Business Protection Fund’ (1 million won). Businesses that received the ‘Seoul Tourism Emergency Survival Fund’ and the ‘Seoul Tourism Recovery Leap Forward Fund’ last year can easily apply by simplifying the documents.

The city of Seoul has been at the forefront of supporting the travel industry since the outbreak of the corona virus. Starting with the payment of 5 million won each to travel agencies, hotels, and MICE companies through the ‘Seoul-type Travel Industry Crisis Overcoming Project’ in March 2020, a total of 20 billion won was provided to 7,428 companies in a total of 6 times.

Ki-yeon Gil, CEO of the Seoul Tourism Foundation, said, “The tourism industry in Seoul, which has been hit hard by Corona 19, is in a situation where the pain is aggravated by an ambush caused by the spread of the mutated virus while preparing for recovery. I sincerely hope that the industry will once again give strength to prepare for the upcoming resumption of tourism in Seoul.”

In the future, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization will continue to support the tourism industry in various ways, including support for the ‘Activation of Seoul Inbound Travel’ (KRW 1.5 billion) to attract inbound tourists to Seoul.

The industry, which was struggling with financial difficulties, is also expected to breathe. A representative of a small and medium-sized travel agency said, “I was forced to close down due to financial difficulties, and after working as a contract worker, I am now receiving unemployment benefits and living a quiet life. I was relieved to see that they have come up with a practical support plan so that everyone can receive support.” An official from the Seoul Tourism Foundation said, “As a result of conducting the satisfaction results for the Seoul Metropolitan Government support project, 94.7% of the respondents answered that they were practically helpful, and 94.7% of the respondents answered that it was actually helpful.” We are providing a variety of support.”

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