Baerbock in Ukraine: Solidarity – but no word on weapons

Status: 07.02.2022 5:45 p.m

During her visit to Ukraine, Foreign Minister Baerbock threatened Russia with “tough sanctions” in the event of an invasion – even if this would have a high economic price. She assured Ukraine of solidarity.

During her visit to Ukraine, Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock reaffirmed Germany’s willingness to “pay a high economic price” in the event of sanctions against Russia. “It’s about Ukraine’s security,” said Baerbock at a joint press conference with her Ukrainian colleague Dmytro Kuleba in Kiev. In the event of an escalation in the Ukraine conflict, Germany and its partners have prepared “a series of tough measures” against Russia.

Germany is the western country with the closest economic ties to Russia, said Baerbock. If necessary, Germany will then also bear the consequences. “We stand with Ukraine.” She reiterated that the greatest strength is Western unity. No one will succeed in driving a wedge in here. The minister did not comment on German arms deliveries to Ukraine.

Political solution to the crisis

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister described the talks with Baerbock as successful and trusting. Kuleba emphasized the red lines of his government: there is nothing to shake about the sovereignty and territorial integrity of his country. In addition, there will be no direct dialogue between his government and the pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine. Third, the Ukrainian people are the only “source” for their country’s foreign policy decisions.

Kuleba said nothing specifically about his government’s futile demand that Germany supply weapons for self-defense. It is more important to talk about what Germany can do. Both agreed that there could only be a political solution to the crisis. Baerbock confirmed that the next Normandy format talks between Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine will take place on Thursday in Berlin at the advisor level.

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