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GENTILLY, France, March 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/

One of the pioneers in the remanufacturing sector since 2009, Recommerce has decided to consolidate its capital by leaning on French industrial groups of international importance.

The Affiliation[1] is coordinated by United.b (Boulanger, Electro Dépôt, Hifi, Krëfel…) alongside Bouygues Telecom, and other industrial reference players. This reference is subject to exclusive negotiations, subject to approval by the French competition authority “Autorité de la Concurrence”.

With this Series D financial transaction and a record year, the group aims to become a major international technology and industrial platform that promotes the circular economy with the goal of strong growth.

Recommerce’s business consists of buying used equipment from individuals and professionals, refurbishing it and reselling the refurbished equipment with a guarantee. With 130 employees, Recommerce is represented in eight countries. In 2021, the company continues to grow at a remarkable pace. Since 2009, Recommerce has refurbished more than 4 million devices.

With its CircularX platform, Recommerce enables industrial companies, retailers and brands to fully enter the circular economy and become resellers. The CircularX platform offers all the solutions (Argus, software, traceability, routing, logistics, etc.) to manage the buyback, refurbishment and resale of all types of products.

Recommerce is one of the leaders in smartphone remanufacturing and also offers its know-how for other types of products such as game consoles, smartwatches, drills, tablets and computers to give them a second life.

This transaction thus supports the commitment of historical shareholders such as Bouygues Telecom and the co-founders. Bouygues Telecom, Recommerce’s historic shareholder, pioneered the refurbished phone market since 2009 by launching the cell phone take-back program and later the sale of refurbished phones.

Pierre Etienne Roinat, President and co-founder of Recommerce: “The alliance with innovative and committed companies allows the Recommerce Group to multiply its impact: to act in the face of the ecological emergency while responding to the decreasing purchasing power of consumers. By merging with leading French companies we maintain an industrial momentum that allows any retailer to become a re-commerce retailer and make their entire value chain more circular and therefore more environmentally and socially responsible”.

With worldwide sales estimated at over 50 billion euros for 2023 according to statista, the used goods market continues to grow strongly. In the phone industry, more than 10% of products sold are refurbished smartphones (+20% between 2019 and 2020).

Refurbished smartphones are on average 8 times more environmentally friendly than new smartphones. A refurbished smartphone used for two years avoids the extraction of 164 kg of primary raw materials and the emission of 50 kg of greenhouse gases[2].

About Recommerce

The RECOMMERCE GROUP* is the European pioneer in the field of remanufacturing high-tech products, especially smartphones. Founded in 2009, Recommerce buys used equipment, offers software and app take-back solutions to retailers, individuals and businesses, refurbishes and sells refurbished equipment, including smartphones and gaming consoles.

Specifically, the Company sells and distributes its refurbished products under the registered consumer brand “Recommerce©”. www.recommerce.com as well as in numerous European countries via dealers and telecom providers. In line with the logic of a responsible circular economy, the company encourages the take-back and reuse of equipment through the use of artificial intelligence technologies applied to the industrial sector.

Founded by Pierre-Etienne Roinat, Benoit Varin, Cédric Maucourt and Antoine Jeanjean, Recommerce has become one of Europe’s leading take-back and resale companies for high-tech refurbished products. Recommerce is a member of the Next 40 of 2020 and the French Tech 120 of 2021 and 2022, is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified and is currently ISO 27001 certified. Recommerce bears the RecQ label – Quality Refurbishment, the first European label that certifies the quality of the end product by DEKRA.

*RS Switzerland SA, based in Fribourg, was founded in 2014 and is the Swiss subsidiary of Recommerce Group. Recommerce Devices and Solutions Deutschland GmbH, based in Hamburg, was founded in 2021 and is the German subsidiary of Recommerce Group.

About United.b

Founded in 2020, United.b is a unique ecosystem of unique companies with 15,000 employees operating in Belgium, China, Spain, France and Luxembourg under the BOULANGER, ELECTRO DÉPÔT, HIFI INTERNATIONAL and KREFEL brands. Drawing on their shared heritage and DNA, they have the ambition to collectively become a cultural leader of “connected living at home” in Europe.

United.b companies are dedicated suppliers and manufacturers of consumer and home electronics products and services. United.b defines its success factors in the satisfaction of its customers and employees, in social and ecological commitment and in omnichannel transformation. United.b’s charitable mission is to work together to help all people live the connected world and comfort in the home through more equitable, sustainable and shared use.

The Recommerce© and CircularX trademarks and logos are registered and owned by RECOMMERCE SOLUTIONS. Any total or partial reproduction of these brands or logos without express authorization is prohibited within the meaning of Articles L.713-2 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code.

1. The announced transaction is subject to the approval of and is bound by the French competition authority (Autorité de la Concurrence).

2. Studie Januar 2022 “Assessment of the environmental impact of a set of reconditioned products” ADEME, Erwann Fangeat- https://librairie.ademe.fr/dechets-economie-circulaire/5241-evaluation-de-l-impact-environnemental-d-un-ensemble-de-produits-reconditionnes.html.

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