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07.02.2022 – 13:03

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Karlsruhe (ots)

How will we work together and communicate in the future? A study by SHARP, for which over 6000 office workers throughout Europe were interviewed, deals with these questions. In view of the results, it quickly becomes clear that modern technologies are already playing a major role in this context and will continue to do so in the future.

Especially in Corona times, the appropriate technology enables many employees to work in the home office. But regardless of the special circumstances of the pandemic, video conferencing platforms in particular offer significant added value for a large proportion of those surveyed: around half feel it Online meetings as more inclusive and productive as face-to-face meetings. Many young professionals in particular believe that traditional offices will become less important in the future and will increasingly be replaced by video conferences.

Appropriate technologies are crucial

The study indicates that hybrid working models will play a particularly important role in the working world of the future: many people do not want to spend at least part of their working hours in the office, and collaboration and communication will increasingly take place in virtual spaces. In order to enable face-to-face meetings that are equivalent to digital meetings, it is all the more important to use suitable technology. Powerful video conferencing platforms like the German one DSGVO-compliant Software alfaview® ensure that, thanks to stable and high image and audio quality, non-verbal communication signals, which represent a fundamental element of human communication, are also recognizable for the participants.

For a pleasant working atmosphere and team cohesion, it also makes sense not only to get together for specific meetings in the virtual room, but also to create opportunities for informal discussions. alfaview® offers the possibility of virtually mapping the entire company with all its structures, so that personal communication can be transferred to the digital environment without restrictions.

Success model: More than ten years of hybrid work at alfatraining

The alfatraining Bildungszentrum GmbH did not only use this model during the corona pandemic, but for more than eleven years. Since then, the video conferencing software alfaview® has been used successfully for internal and external corporate communication, so that the 700 employees are permanently connected virtually. The training company maps the spatial and organizational structure of the more than 180 locations in Germany and Greece in alfaview®. In virtual rooms, the employees are networked in their teams via video and audio, no matter where they are – a seamless change from the office to the home office and back again is possible at any time.

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