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07.02.2022 – 14:16

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A heart for orcas: Animal lover and long-time PETA supporter Sky du Mont speaks out against TUI’s animal-harmful business practices during the annual online shareholders’ meeting on February 8th. Today, the popular actor, voice actor and author has asked the company to remove SeaWorld, Loro Parque and other dolphinariums from its travel offerings with a personal question. Sky du Mont’s question was submitted on behalf of the shareholder PETA Deutschland eV and is aimed directly at the TUI board:

“In 2021, three young orcas died in captivity at Loro Parque and SeaWorld. Ula was only two, Amaya six and Skyla 17. In the wild they could have lived 50 to over 100 years. When will TUI have marine zoos like Loro Parque and SeaWorld, which cage dolphins and whales in concrete tanks, finally dropping its travel offerings, following the example of Expedia, Club Med and many other travel companies who have already taken this step?”

Back in 2021, Sky du Mont submitted a question and even sent a personal video message to Friedrich Joussen, to which he never received a response.

PETA has been informing TUI for years about the suffering of orcas and other dolphins who are locked up in concrete tanks in marine parks and often die at a young age, and has called on the company in discussions, campaigns and petitions to remove dolphinariums from its travel offers worldwide . Many travel companies have already taken this step, including well-known companies such as AirBnB and Club Med. Because TUI has so far not changed its unethical business practices, PETA presented the CEO with a heart of stone for Christmas.

background information

Last year, orcas Ula and Skyla died young in captivity at Loro Parque, aged two and 17, respectively. Also in 2021, Orca Amaya died at the age of six at SeaWorld in San Diego. Nevertheless, TUI continues to sell tickets for these orca zoos. It is known that these are not isolated cases: At least 42 orcas have already died under SeaWorld’s supervision. In the tiny, bare concrete tanks of these parks, intelligent and social marine mammals like orcas and other dolphins don’t have the opportunity to swim far, dive deep, and explore the underwater world. Instead, they are exposed to the roar of pumps, pop music and audiences, and trained for shows that keep the zoos cash registers ringing. Scientific studies show that orcas in captivity often suffer and become ill both mentally and physically. [1; 2]

[1] Jett, J., Visser, I. N., Ventre, J., Waltz, J., Loch, C. Tooth damage in captive orcas (Orcinus orca). Arch. Oral Biol. 2017 Dec 84:151-160. doi: 10.1016/j.archoralbio.2017.09.031.

[2] Marino, L., Rose, N. A., Visser, I. N., Rally, H., Ferdowsian, H., Slootsky, V. (2020):

The harmful effects of captivity and chronic stress on the well-being of orcas (Orcinus orca),

Journal of Veterinary Behavior, Volume 35, Pages 69-82, ISSN 1558-7878. Online unter: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jveb.2019.05.005. (07.02.2022).

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