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07.02.2022 – 15:10

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This is real feel-good news: Lenor is now offering our best freshness ever and is now using plant-based ingredients as the basis for the softness in the entire fabric softener range – for even more moments of well-being in everyday life. A Lenor study shows how important these moments are at the moment: 66% of German consumers have learned to enjoy the small joys of everyday life more again. Lenor brand ambassador Guido Maria Kretschmer is also convinced: “For me, a freshly made, fragrant bed is one of those little moments of happiness in everyday life that I draw strength from.” The Lenor fabric softeners with plant-based softness are now available in stores.

For an even better freshness experience, Lenor now contains optimized fragrances. These deliver more freshness while at the same time using fewer ingredients. New freshness technologies also ensure a better fragrance experience even after short and cold washing cycles – for sustainable laundry care at energy-saving low temperatures. In addition, the new formulation of Lenor fabric softeners is based on a unique combination of vegetable oils as the starting materials for the well-known Lenor softness. The so-called cationic surfactants ensure the softness of the laundry. Lenor fabric softeners now consist of 85% vegetable oils. These vegetable oils have a smaller ecological footprint than the animal fats often used in fabric softeners.

A touch of freshness every day

With the new formula for our best freshness ever with the plant-based softness, Lenor ensures that we can create more moments of well-being in our everyday life. A current Lenor study entitled “A touch of freshness every day” shows how important these special moments are, for which 1001 people in Germany were interviewed. Since many activities are currently taking place at home, a simple formula applies to our well-being: With small, individual moments of happiness we can do something for our well-being in everyday life if we actively perceive them: for example, slipping on a cozy, freshly washed bathrobe after a relaxing one bath or when we curl up on the sofa under a blanket to drink freshly brewed tea.

  • According to the Lenor study, topics such as self-care and me-time have become increasingly relevant: 96% of those surveyed need at least a moment for themselves every day to feel ready for the day.
  • 69% say they enjoy slipping into freshly laundered clothes or bedding at home more than spending a night in a hotel.
  • Our home is our oasis of well-being – and that’s where we prefer it to be cosy, cozy and always fresh: 60% of respondents in Germany state that when they buy new home textiles, such as B. pillows or blankets feel more joy than buying a new pair of shoes.

With a smaller ecological footprint

The Lenor study also shows that people today expect more from products than just reliable performance: 86% of those surveyed attach greater importance to the topic of recycling than two years ago. And a good half of German consumers (54%) always or at least regularly make decisions for more sustainability. With the new fabric softeners, Lenor is responding to people’s desire for high-performance products with the least possible impact on the environment.

Lenor uses fewer fragrances in the new formulation and at the same time delivers an improved freshness experience even after energy-saving short washing cycles at low temperatures. The vegetable oils have a lower ecological footprint compared to animal fats traditionally used for fabric softeners. The bottle bodies of the new Lenor fabric softeners are made from 100% post-consumer plastic and are fully recyclable (except for the cap and label). Lenor is also actively committed to more efficient sorting of packaging waste so that plastic can be better recycled. Lenor fabric softener bottles have a “digital watermark” that is invisible to the human eye, but can be reliably recognized by sorting machines equipped for this purpose. Lenor already uses 100% green electricity for production in Western Europe.

A sensual pleasure for Guido Maria Kretschmer

“For me, laundry care, softness, freshness and well-being belong very closely together. It’s a sensual pleasure,” says star designer and Lenor brand ambassador Guido Maria Kretschmer. “We spend so much time with our textiles, especially now that we’re at home so often. We surround ourselves with them day and night, wear them on our skin. That’s why it’s so important to me to have a product that helps to spend even more beautiful moments of well-being with our favorite items. The Lenor fabric softeners have optimal properties for me: They care for and protect my favorite items of clothing. The fact that the Lenor fabric softeners now offer plant-based softness I consider very lucky and a very important step for our environment”. , says Guido Maria Kretschmer.

Improving people’s well-being through fragrances

Scents are important. They shape our mood, our memories and our connection to other people. Lenor connects people with scents: from the moment we wake up, get dressed and start the day, to the moment we snuggle back into our bed to gather new strength for the next day. With over 50 years of experience in the care of fabrics and a team of 400 perfumers and fragrance experts, Lenor wants to use fragrances to create moments of well-being in everyday life.

Overview of Lenor products

The Lenor fabric softeners, now with plant-based softness, are now available in German retail outlets. The following sizes are available in the April Fresh, Sensitive, Fresh Protection and Spring Garden variants: 38 wash loads (RRP EUR 2.19), 46 wash loads (RRP EUR 2.55) and 68 wash loads (RRP EUR 3.79). The variants Golden Orchid, Amethyst Blossom Dream, Sea Breeze and Summer Flower are available in the sizes 32 wash loads (RRP EUR 2.19), 38 wash loads (RRP EUR 2.55) and 56 wash loads (RRP EUR 3.79). The prices mentioned are recommended retail prices (RRP). The setting of the sales prices is at the sole discretion of the dealer. Procter & Gamble has no influence on the individual end consumer prices. RRPs in Austria and Switzerland may differ.

April fresh – Inspired by classic chypre notes and refreshing bergamot. Lenor’s favorite fragrance.

Golden Orchid – The noble orchid harmonises perfectly with a mixture of vanilla notes, inspired by warm amber tones.

Amethyst flower dream – A hint of peach blossom combined with nuances of enchanting rose and freesia.

Sensitive – A subtle fragrance of rose petals & freesia, which was specially developed for sensitive skin.

freshness protection – A refreshing fragrance inspired by the clear note of Lily of the Valley.

Meeresbrise – Maritime notes rounded off by sparkling lime and bergamot.

Summer flowers – The warm notes, inspired by amber and siam wood, meet delicately refreshing gentle lime blossom and calendula flowers.

spring garden – A soft and harmonious scent of peony and cherry blossom.

Photos with brand ambassador Guido Maria Kretschmer and product images can be downloaded here and used free of charge for editorial reporting.

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