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07.02.2022 – 18:00

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Berlin (ots)

The current excitement about Lothar Wieler, head of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), is one of the many unnecessary debates that have tended to paralyze the management of the corona pandemic in Germany over the past two years. Politicians with no technical knowledge sometimes want to make headlines with Corona, and the relevant sensational media are only too happy to exaggerate this.

Of course, Wieler and his institute made various mistakes that will have to be dealt with at some point. But there shouldn’t be an expert who doesn’t shine with misjudgments. This is inevitable in a pandemic that was new territory for science, and even more so for the state and citizens. And in the midst of the Omikron record wave, there is definitely no need for personnel debates about the RKI. It is currently about readjusting individual measures and a clever exit strategy from Easter at the latest. In addition, the federal authority certainly did not make such a far-reaching decision without the consent of the employer, but nobody in the coalition dares to approach the Minister of Health at the moment.

What is annoying about the Chose is that the justified criticism becomes a minor matter. It is purely arbitrary to deny the recovered status to Covid patients three months after the confirmed infection. Apparently, this is only about generating vaccination pressure. The scientific justification of the RKI is also far-fetched. With this, the vaccination certificates could also be declared invalid after three months. The bad thing is that the official stroke of the pen because of 2G will result in massive social hardship – especially in view of the high number of infections in the Omicron wave. This blatant wrong decision should be reversed quickly – by Lothar Wieler as RKI boss.

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