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07.02.2022 – 04:15

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Introduction: Nobody likes going to the dentist, many are afraid of pain. But they can be turned off. Petra Terdenge knows how this works:

Narrator: The dentist usually injects a painkiller to numb the gums and mucous membrane locally. This works very well in 95 percent of the cases. Complications are rare, says Dr. Reinhard Door from the pharmacy magazine:

O-Ton Reinhard Door 21 sec.

“It is sometimes difficult with inflammation that the painkillers do not respond properly. Of course there are also people who simply do not respond optimally to painkillers. In itself that is a safe thing, but you should tell the dentist without being asked if you have previous illnesses has or what medicines you take.”

Narrator: If you can’t stand it because of fear or nervousness, the dentist can give you a sedative:

O-Ton Reinhard Door 16 sec.

“Then there is the option of sedation with tablets, infusions or nitrous oxide. And if it’s just light sedation – that is, calming down – then you relax, your fears subside and you still understand the dentist and can follow the instructions. “

Narrator: For sedation with laughing gas you have to bear the costs yourself, 100 euros or more are due for it. A reliable method that most patients tolerate well. In rare cases, it can cause nausea:

O-Ton Reinhard Door 15 sec.

“To be on the safe side, you should ask in the practice whether and how often such nitrous oxide sedation is carried out and whether the doctor has the required additional training and uses monitoring devices.”

Moderation: It is best if an anesthetist is present during treatment with nitrous oxide, she writes pharmacy magazine. Then nothing stands in the way of a relaxed appointment at the dentist.

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