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07.02.2022 – 08:00

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Healthy and vital in the company” is the name of the book that every entrepreneur should have on his shelf as a standard work. In many cases, employee absences are the highest costs in the company. But how can sick days be minimized?

These are challenging times when the pandemic is asking a lot of us. In addition to the classic widespread diseases, the flu, toothache & Co., Corona – and quarantine days are not even considered here – presents us with further problems: The number of illness-related absences due to mental stress is increasing. As early as 2019, around a year before the pandemic, the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health calculated an average incapacity for work of 17.3 days per employee. This resulted in a total of 712.2 million days of incapacity to work in Germany. Based on this volume, estimates amounted to around 88 billion euros in defaults in the entire economy. Alarming, because the corona pandemic will mean that the numbers for 2020 and 2021 will be significantly higher. But how can companies break this trend?

For decades, the human resource has been viewed as a dull service provider in many companies. For a long time, no proactive investments were made in the health of employees. A serious mistake, as the figures above show. But this attitude is already history in many modern companies. Nevertheless – occupational health management is a complex topic. A fruit basket in the break room and one health day per year are far from enough.

A total of 22 experts from company health management have compiled their knowledge in the book “Healthy and vital at work” and made it available to entrepreneurs and managers. From a wide range of perspectives and expertise, an easy-to-implement guideline has been created that will help entrepreneurs to minimize absences due to illness and to create a healthy working environment for the extremely important economic factor “employees”. With many practical examples, further videos and additional expert opinions provided by QR codes in the book, entrepreneurs are motivated to give up the outdated views and healthy employees not as a cost, but as an investment in a sustainable and stable future of the company to consider. The slogans “Here friends work together professionally” and “More than a book” are a solid foundation that will also serve as orientation in challenging times like these.

The book is available in stores or online at: www.Gesund-und-vital-im-Betrieb.de

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