Although the number of marriages has declined, the demand for honeymoon has been suppressed

Overseas honeymooners have stalled due to the continued decline in the number of marriages and the Corona crisis, but there are predictions that the suppressed demand for honeymoon will return quickly if self-isolation measures are eased. The picture is Maldives / Travel Newspaper CB

Interest is growing in overseas honeymoon demand, which has been suppressed in the era of Corona. Although the number of marriages is decreasing every year, it is expected that demand will be driven by the easing of self-quarantine measures for overseas arrivals.

From the beginning of the year, honeymoon exhibitions and wedding fairs aimed at the spring and autumn wedding seasons continued. Kyowon KRT is selling honeymoon products from Maldives, Hawaii, and Cancun through the ‘Nevertheless Honeymoon’ exhibition, and Honeymoon Travel Agency Farm Tour is holding a honeymoon exposition every weekend. In addition, wedding fairs are scheduled to be held in February in various parts of the country. A farm tour official said, “The number of visitors to the fair in October and November of last year returned to the pre-corona level, but decreased to 1/10 after the announcement of self-isolation on the 10th. It showed a slight recovery.”

As for the regional preference, the Maldives was overwhelming. A farm tour official said, “The proportion of reservations by region is 80% in the Maldives, 15% in Hawaii, and 5% in other regions such as Cancun. . Regarding this, an analysis said, “In addition to the perception that it is a private travel destination, the fact that airfare, which was about 1.3 million won before Corona, has fallen to 700-800,000 won as of this point, seems to have played a role.”

The reservation time has also been delayed. Unlike conventional packages, honeymoon products have moved ahead of more than half a year, but due to the uncertainty of the corona situation, reservations about departure are on the rise. A travel agency official said, “The number of reservations for spring departures these days far exceeds those for autumn departures. .

The number of marriages has been on the decline for 10 consecutive years since 2012. According to the population trend of the National Statistical Office, the number of marriages has decreased by 0.6% and as high as 7.2% compared to the previous year after returning to negative growth in 2012. In 2020, when the corona crisis began, 213,502 cases (-10.7% from the previous year), and the most recent announcement from January to October 2021, 155,660 cases (-10.1%). This means that the rate of decline has jumped to double digits.

Although the number of marriages has decreased, there are also cautious expectations that demand for honeymooners will temporarily surge this year. An official from a honeymoon travel agency said, “There are many honeymoon travel agencies that have closed their doors because they could not overcome the financial difficulties, so it is expected that demand will rise.” “Inquiries from couples who got married last spring are also increasing recently.” There is also an opinion that the atmosphere has been reversed as the tour continued. Reviews from people who have already visited have resolved safety concerns and acted positively, leading to a virtuous cycle leading to actual reservations. Another honeymoon travel agency official said, “In December of last year, 30% of reservations left the honeymoon even after undergoing a 10-day quarantine.” He said, “I’ve already paid for it, so I’ll go.”

Reporter Eunji Lee [email protected]

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