▷ Stuttgarter Nachrichten: Commentary on Ukraine diplomacy

06.02.2022 – 16:54

Stuttgart News

Berlin/Kiev (ots)

Stuttgarter Nachrichten: Commentary on Ukraine diplomacy

Another week of high-speed diplomacy begins in the Ukraine crisis. Much on the western side seems headless. Joe Biden seems the most confused. The US President first threatens the toughest sanctions in world history, then half takes it all back. So almost everything is going well for Vladimir Putin. As paradoxical as it sounds, this is good news: as long as the Russian president has the impression that he can achieve his goals without war, he is unlikely to give the marching orders.

However, Putin could have reckoned without the people. In just a few years, pressure from Moscow has led to a society divided into East and West moving closer together. For many Ukrainians, independence now comes first. This is also good news: Independence by no means necessarily requires membership in NATO and the EU. So there is room for negotiation. You just have to approach the matter less headlessly.

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