▷ FDP criticism and voters is bad style

06.02.2022 – 17:22

Straubinger daily newspaper


Nevertheless, the attack on the head of the authorities is bad style. Such things should first be discussed within the coalition. Which doesn’t mean that Wieler is beyond any doubt. It may be that he “achieved an incredible amount” during the pandemic, as the Green Bundestag Vice President Katrin Göring-Eckardt emphasizes. However, that cannot hide the fact that the RKI President’s actions were by no means always optimal. For a long time he stuck to the mantra that protective masks for everyone were not only ineffective, but even counterproductive. He has repeatedly confronted the public with horror forecasts that have not come true.

However, the sudden reduction of the convalescent status from six to three months, which in one case has now even been declared illegal by the Osnabrück Administrative Court, was his biggest faux pas to date. And it was a mistake that Wieler was given the authority to do this at the instigation of Health Minister Karl Lauterbach.

The RKI is supposed to advise the politicians professionally, provide them with data and facts so that they – the governments in the federal and state governments as well as the parliaments – can then make well-founded decisions. It cannot be Wieler’s job to take politicians and millions of people by surprise whose recovered status is suddenly gone. Such “communication failures” must not be repeated.

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