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Munich (ots)

Duisburg’s sports director Ivo Grlic pulls the ripcord after MSV’s 1: 3 against BVB II and offers his resignation a few minutes after the final whistle. “We accepted his resignation,” said President Ingo Wald at MagentaSport: “He wants to clear the way for a new beginning.” The approximately 5,000 Duisburg fans had previously demanded: “Grlic out, executive board out!” President Wald continued: “I believe that the public has built up the pressure so much. A lot is justified, a lot is also factually good. But a lot has also gotten very personal. And Ivo Grlic feels that, I feel it myself too. ” For coach Hagen Schmidt, who has been in office since October 18th, 2021, it’s also getting tight: “The number of points is anything but good and certainly doesn’t speak for the coach. We’ll certainly think about that too.” Tomorrow, all MSV committees want to sit down “to a round of elephants” and decide. Equally strong lions: TSV 1860 Munich gambled away a 2-0 lead against Eintracht Braunschweig, who made it 2-2 thanks to a strong second half and were third at least until tomorrow evening. Munich’s lion coach Michael Köllner: “If you lead 2-0, then of course it’s stupid because you think: the thing is at home.”

Below are the most important voices from Sunday – if you use them, please name the source MagentaSport. Tomorrow there will be a duel between the ambitious 1. FC Saarbrücken and the last team in Würzburg – from 6.45 p.m. live on MagentaSport. On Tuesday we continue with 2 catch-up games, including the basement duel Halle against Türkgücü (from 6.45 p.m.). MagentaSport shows all matches of the 3rd division live.

MSV Duisburg – Borussia Dortmund II 1: 3 – Grlic gone, soon coach Schmidt?

“The pressure was huge” – MSV sports director Ivo Grlic pulled the emergency brake himself after the renewed bankruptcy and offered his resignation a few minutes after the final whistle. Duisburg President Ingo Wald said: “We have accepted his resignation. He wants to clear the way for a fresh start. He then also said that the planning for the new season should be put in someone else’s hands. Despite all the criticism Ivo Grlic who are now coming up against him in public, don’t forget that MSV wouldn’t exist if Ivo Grlic hadn’t been there, around 2013 and also in the years that followed, that MSV still plays professional football at all , is also a great achievement of Ivo Grlic.”

Why did the Presidium accept Grlic’s resignation? “I think that the public has built up the pressure so much. A lot is justified, a lot is also factually good. But a lot has also gotten very personal. And Ivo Grlic feels that, I feel that myself too. Then these are reactions that I can understand. That is also self-protection and you have to protect yourself too.”

What happens to coach Schmidt, who was hired as a former youth coach in a difficult phase at MSV – says Ingo Wald: “I don’t want to say that the experiment failed. The points yield is anything but good and certainly doesn’t speak for the coach. We’ll certainly think about it too. We’ll meet with all the committees tomorrow. There let’s do a round of elephants to discuss the future of MSV again.”

The link to the interview: www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0m8rlBA1mE

Stoppelkamp says: “The team is alive” and wants to continue with Schmidt

“I can only say one thing: the team is alive,” said Moritz Stoppelkamp. He was busy as captain and had only hit the post when the score was 1:3: “Again we are there with 0 points, again it was an avoidable defeat. You can’t blame the team for fighting….We have set ourselves so many goals for the second half. Then you come out and collect again a blow to the neck.” By that Stoppelkamp means the clear penalty, which, however, is said to have been preceded by a foul on defense chief Knoll: “An unfortunate situation, a referee has to stop it beforehand.”

The MSV captain on defense: “Overall, everyone defends badly. It’s not just those at the back. Of course we make stupid mistakes. We’re dead, we’re written dead, but we’re still alive.”

Stoppelkamp confronts coach Schmidt: “We players have to fix it and we haven’t done that yet.”

BVB coach Enrico Maaßen, with only one defeat from the last 6 games, 8th place: “We played well, but we did have one or two weaknesses. Because Duisburg played very well and very flexibly. We adjusted that in the second half and then had better access. That gave us good chances, that was a well-deserved, important victory. Just to get as many points as quickly as possible and then have nothing more to do with the bottom.”

TSV 1860 Munich – Eintracht Braunschweig 2:2

After 4 wins, the first draw. The reason: only one half strong as a lion. TSV 1860 Munich performed magic, but then Braunschweig was suddenly as strong as a lion. Sixty coach Michael Köllner analyzed: “The 2-0 was a good foundation for the game, which unfortunately we didn’t use… I think that in the second half the head just played a bit more of a role. That we wanted too much. Because of that we’re tense. It wasn’t enough football-wise. Our heads played tricks on us.”

Köllner’s conclusion: “You have to factor in a draw like that. It was important that we didn’t lose. If you’re 2-0 up, then of course it’s stupid because you think: the thing is at home.

Marcel Bär scored to make it 1-0, his 10th goal – but he still looked a bit shaken: “That’s bitter. But you have to say because of the second half: Braunschweig deserves the point. We didn’t get into our game at all.” The reason: “We weren’t brave enough, too slow, didn’t create any more chances, too hasty and didn’t move up.

Before the lion duel, Braunschweig’s coach Michael Schiele appealed to his team to play “what distinguished us in 2021: play braver, less complicated. Then we’ll get back to where we were in 2021” – on a promotion place. Braunschweig is third at least until tomorrow evening, Michael Schiele is in a good mood after the game: “The opponent created the first two chances straight away. When Sixty has the ball up front, they play without frills, with few contacts. But I also saw big problems with the opponent when we played without frills. In the second half we’ “It’s done better than we actually want to play. We’re happy with a point, but we were also close to a three.”

“We had planned to do more,” said Bryan Henning: “Actually, the halves weren’t all that different. We just defended our counterattacks better in the second half. We conceded goals in the first half.”

Zwickau against Lautern The excitement in the video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Txf8X6vV-KA

1. FC Kaiserslautern remains unbeaten in the 10th game, wins seven times and is still second in the table with 45 points. After the game, Lautern coach Marco Antwerpen didn’t want to shake hands with Zwickau coach Joe Enochs and pushed him away. There was abuse from the Zwickau fans – of every kind.

Coach Joe Enochs on the action with Marco Antwerp: “I don’t want to comment on that. I wanted to shake his hand and congratulate him on the win and he didn’t want that. He has to know for himself. I’ve been here for 5 years now and I don’t need it. Whatever the emotions, I wish him and his team all the best. We’ve played him twice now and I don’t have to see him anymore.”

Laterns coach Marco Antwerpen on the refused handshake and shove: “It was more my personal relationship with this coach and sometimes you have to go your own way and I did that… He knows what he’s always doing on the pitch And then you don’t always have to go over there and shake his hand. In this case, I didn’t do it.”

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