▷ Saxony-Anhalt/Energy / Chemical park company in Leuna is planning a large solar park

05.02.2022 – 02:00

Central German newspaper

Halle/MZ (ots)

The chemical park company Infra-Leuna also wants to generate green electricity itself in the future. A solar park with an output of 45 megawatts is to be built on a high heap at the site, announced Infra-Leuna Managing Director Christof Günther to the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (Saturday edition) published in Halle. It is the “largest project of this kind in the German chemical industry to date,” Günther said. The chemical companies at the site are increasingly asking for green electricity. “Anyone who wants to produce green products also needs green electricity,” Günther continues.

At the beginning of the year, the AVG Müchel farm announced that it wanted to build a solar park for the chemical industry in Leuna. For example, the Total Energies refinery and Linde are planning to use green electricity to produce hydrogen – a raw material for chemical and fuel products.

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