Violence in the USA: Biden wants to stop the flow of illegal weapons

Status: 04.02.2022 01:22 a.m

Gun violence in the US is a huge problem – especially in big cities. In New York alone, 57 people have been shot this year. President Biden should and wants to help – also with a stronger police force.

By Antje Passenheim, ARD Studio New York

Occasionally, US President Joe Biden also bangs his fist on the lectern when he joins forces with New Yorkers to oppose gun violence. Unusually clearly for a Democrat, he explains: The police must not be financially weakened, on the contrary, they must be strengthened.

Antje Passenheim
ARD-Studio New York

A demonstrated strength, as civil rights activists criticized after the violent police death of black George Floyd and others, has become socially acceptable through black mayors like Eric Adams. In the fight against the increasing gun violence in New York, Biden promises to close ranks with the ex-cop. The flow of illegal guns onto the streets of major cities like this must be stopped, Biden said.

No more civil lawsuit protection for gun manufacturers

He insists on repealing a unique rule that protects gun manufacturers from civil lawsuits. “Imagine if we did that to the cigarette makers, where the hell would we be?” Biden asks.

His government wants to take stricter action against arms smuggling. A route from the south of the USA along the east coast to major cities such as New York is particularly in focus.

The Justice Department is also working on an initiative to ban so-called ghost weapons. In other words, firearms that can be easily bought online in individual parts and quickly assembled. Across the country, more and more crimes are being committed with guns that don’t have serial numbers.

“Anyone who has committed a crime with a ghost gun should expect not only to be held accountable for it by local authorities, but also by federal authorities,” Biden said.

The state of New York had already passed a package of laws under Governor Kathy Hochul last fall, which mainly prohibits unlicensed dealers from selling these parts for guns. New York could be a model for other parts of the country, Hochul said, praising the unique collaboration between the city, state and government in Washington: “We couldn’t have waited a day longer. The challenge that lies ahead of us isn’t just about the state New York, not New York City, it’s an American crisis.”

Firearm violence disaster

New York had declared a disaster emergency last summer because of the increasing gun violence in order to channel more funds into the fight against pistols and rifles. Hochul explains: “80 percent of the guns come illegally from other states. I have an eye on these limits. Everyone should know: We control and we watch the people who pack the guns in their trunks after a gun show in Pennsylvania to protect them to Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens or Staten Island.”

This year alone, 57 people have been shot there. A 90 percent increase compared to five years ago. Police officers were often among the victims. Just a few days ago, two of them died from bullets when they were called to an operation.

In view of the drastically increased number of shootings, New York Mayor Adams had sent an SOS to Washington. Adams addressed Biden: “We need a post-9/11 response to address the domestic terror that is currently pervading the country.”

US President Biden joins forces with New York City Mayor to stop gun violence

Antje Passenheim, ARD New York, February 4, 2022 at 12:44 a.m

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