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04.02.2022 – 17:47

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Berlin (ots)

Not surprisingly, Moscow countered the ban on broadcasting the German-language television program of its foreign broadcaster RT with a broadcast ban on Deutsche Welle in Russia. From the Kremlin’s point of view, Germany’s foreign broadcasting service, which is financed with taxpayers’ money, is on the wrong side as a service provider for opposition circles. Now there was a reason to pull the plug on him. And now there is great outrage in the German newspaper forest: while Moscow’s Ukas is an uncivilized blow against the plurality of the media, the broadcast stop for RT hits nothing more than a propaganda slingshot for blinded Kremlin fans.

The process cannot be viewed in isolation from the new Cold War. He stands for the deep crisis in German-Russian relations, plays on a sideshow of the major conflict areas Ukraine and Nord Stream 2.

Means of influencing public opinion play an important role in geopolitical conflicts. Big are the beams in the eyes of many doers in the West. At the same time, while stirring up war hysteria, they delivered such an agitational bravado that even Kiev became uncomfortable. The outraged people are probably also nervous that the “free world” is now being confronted with opinion makers who are in no way inferior to them in terms of craftsmanship. It is not only due to the sophistication of broadcasters like RT that the need for alternative sources of information has grown.

Media that also pursue political aims of states, journalists that play the music of their paymasters are not an Eastern invention. Disinformation is one of the main businesses of secret services everywhere. It’s a clumsy worldview that sees Radio Liberty here, Radio Bondage there. Mutual censorship incapacitates citizens. Anyone who can be expected to watch TV or Bible channels should also be able to deal with official Russia’s mouthpieces.

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