▷ MDR-“Fakt ist!” asks: Is there really a threat of layoffs in the healthcare sector?

04.02.2022 – 14:04

MDR Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk

Leipzig (ots)

Discussing the obligation to vaccinate in the health and care sector “Fakt ist! From Dresden” on Monday, February 7th – already at 8.30 p.m. in the live stream on MDR.DE and 10.10 p.m. on MDR television and in the ARD media library.

It was discussed for a long time, from March 16th it will come: The institution-related vaccination requirement in the health and care sector. A “catastrophe”, “dangerous for the care industry”, a “wrong way” – this is how many people in charge in nursing homes and in the outpatient care service assess the vaccination requirement for their staff. They warn of a wave of layoffs and a nursing shortage. Because there is already a shortage of nurses. In some facilities, half the staff is unvaccinated. You are threatened with entry bans. With far-reaching consequences: You can then no longer care for all patients, contracts have to be terminated. Five weeks before the law comes into force, it is not clear how it is to be implemented because there are no clear federal and state regulations.

Are politicians sticking to compulsory vaccination? Is there really a threat of practice closures for resident doctors and a wave of layoffs in nursing? Or will those affected, like in France and Italy, get vaccinated in the end? How can a possible supply bottleneck be averted?

“Vaccination in health care. Is there really a wave of layoffs?” – Andreas F. Rook discusses this with:

  • Paula Piechotta, doctor and member of the Bundestag (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) from Leipzig
  • Henry Graichen, district administrator of the district of Leipzig (CDU)
  • Elke Keiner runs an outpatient nursing service and a nursing home in Freital
  • Sebastian Thieswald, operator of several nursing homes in Saxony and Thuringia
  • Julian Nejkow, political scientist and podcaster from Görlitz

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