▷ Lower Saxony wants to relax with the next Corona regulation

04.02.2022 – 01:00

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Lower Saxony wants to relax with the next Corona regulation

Prime Minister Weil: We still have about three very unpleasant weeks ahead of us, after which we should be able to relax” – Prime Minister defends Lower Saxony’s reluctance to watch viewers

Hanover. Despite the daily increase in the number of corona infections, Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil is cautiously optimistic that the next corona regulation after February 23 will allow some corona restrictions to be dropped. “At least that’s my wish,” said the SPD politician in an interview with the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ) and added: “According to the current forecasts, we still have about three very unpleasant weeks ahead of us. After that we should be in Relaxation can come in.”

At the same time, the head of government defended that Lower Saxony remains cautious with the number of spectators and continues to only allow a maximum of 500 fans into the stadiums, while other countries are again allowing up to 10,000 visitors outdoors. “We are following the advice of science. We are experiencing a sharp increase in the number of infections every day, and the peak has not yet been reached,” explained Weil. In any case, he does not want to “put at risk” a possible downward movement in a few weeks. The lawyer Weil has no worries that this restrictive line, which does not even differentiate between events outside and inside, will once again be put in his place by the Lüneburg Higher Administrative Court. “It’s not just the number of infections that is increasing, but also the hospitalization rate. There are also clear risks at open-air events, whether it’s on public transport when arriving and departing, in the entrance areas of the stadium or in the aisles. You meet up everywhere a lot of people,” said the prime minister, explaining the country’s cautious line.

At the same time, Weil reiterated his call for compulsory vaccination. About 15 percent of all adults are still not vaccinated against Corona – “and that’s clearly too much,” says Weil. “The more virus is active in society, the more the virus will find its victims.” Politicians have tried to convince the skeptics for a very long time. “But if we lay our hands on the cards soberly, we have to realize that the persuasion work has come to nothing with too large a minority. That’s why it’s clear to me: We now need vaccination, and we need it quickly,” appealed the Prime Minister to the Bund, no more time to waste.

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