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04.02.2022 – 06:08

The Valuable 500

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According to a new study by Valuable 500 47% of companies believe that there are not enough applicants with a disability. However, research in the UK shows that there are 1 million people with disabilities who want to work but are denied the opportunity will

The research shows that misconceptions, lack of representation and taboos still play a major role in recruitment policies

The research also showed that nearly two-thirds (63%) of companies were unaware of how many people in their organization were considered disabled

The global business collective Valuable 500 today announces new research that shows nearly half of companies believe a key barrier to hiring and retaining employees with disabilities is a lack of candidates.

This is in contrast to government figures which show that there are one million people with disabilities in the UK who can and want to work but are denied that opportunity. The data, highlighted by Virgin Media and Scope in their groundbreaking campaign, was supported by an Opinium survey of 2,000 people with disabilities, which found that when applying for a job, only half of the applications result in an interview, compared to 69% for applicants without disabilities. Government figures for 2021 show that the employment gap for people with disabilities stands at 28.4%, down just 0.7% year-on-year. This shows that we need to get rid of misconceptions when hiring people.

A major reason for the lack of disabled applicants could be the lack of representation for the inclusion of people with disabilities. This aspect is often forgotten in the broader corporate agenda – especially when it comes to running companies where only 4% of CEOs have a reported disability.

People with disabilities make an immense contribution to the economy and society as a whole. Representing 15% of the world’s population, they bring with them a diversity of thoughts, life experiences and a wealth of talents essential to corporate sustainability.

Christophe Catoir, President of Adecco, a member of the Valuable 500, explains: “At Adecco, we intend to shape the future for everyone and we really mean that. We have developed a strong culture of inclusion that promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace in all our markets. With perseverance, we prove every day that people with disabilities are reliable, capable and talented people who have the potential to fully belong to the world of work in all industries and positions.”

After reaching the goal of 500 organizations in May 2021, Valuable 500 has embarked on the second phase of the campaign and received the largest investment ever in the inclusion of businesses with disabilities: The Nippon Foundation is investing $5 million to fund new Valuable 500 initiatives support financially.

Caroline Casey, Founder of Valuable 500 commented:

“It is now 2022 and employers, having had two years of upheaval, are rebuilding themselves and need to ensure that the inclusion of people with disabilities is at the heart of their agenda. The research shows us today that while many companies are striving to do just that, we are still underrepresented and companies still have a long way to go to truly and irrevocably advance the inclusion of people with disabilities . 18% of the UK population have a disability and they need to be seen and heard.

But more than that – we must strive to fundamentally transform the global economic system and fight for an inclusive society. Each and every one of us will be affected by a disability at some point in our lives, and we all have a responsibility to make humanity work better.”

Paul Polman, Chairman of the Valuable 500, commented:

“A diverse and inclusive workforce is an important factor in improving company performance, and this must also apply to people with disabilities. Not only is it right, it’s smart and profitable for any leader looking to unleash talent, foster innovation, and create a culture of trust, respect, and inclusion across the organization.

We’ve seen progress in recent years as the largest corporate groups around the world have made commitments to include people with disabilities as part of the Valuable 500. Faster action is needed in 2022 to close the disability employment gap once and for all.”

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Notes for editors

Information about Valuable 500

Valuable was launched by social entrepreneur and activist Caroline Casey at One Young World 2017 in Bogota, Colombia. The creation of the Valuable 500 was announced at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in January 2019. Today, the Valuable 500 is the largest community of global CEOs dedicated to the inclusion of people with disabilities in business.

Since its inception, the Valuable 500 initiative has achieved its original goal of persuading 500 multinational companies to publicly commit to including people with disabilities in their business, sparking an historic global movement for a new era of diversity in business . The Valuable 500 and its global partner, the Nippon Foundation, will work closely with the World Economic Forum and the International Disability Alliance, bringing together a leading philanthropic organization with the most respected global business network and voice of the global disability community.

Working with the world’s most influential business leaders and brands, the network today has combined revenues of over $8 trillion and employs a staggering 22 million people worldwide. Members include 13 global CEOs and companies who will spearhead the programs and services offered as part of Phase 2 of the campaign, which aims to be activated through global disability surveys, disability trend reports and a resource hub for leaders with disabilities.

Having reached this important milestone, the Valuable 500 is committed to creating a community that supports and empowers its 500 members to systematically transform their businesses to include the 1.3 billion people with disabilities around the world, and thus their business, social and economic unleash potential.

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