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03.02.2022 – 05:25

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Introduction: If you are acutely affected by arthrosis or want to prevent it so that you do not get this painful disease, you should definitely be active in sports. Marco Chwalek knows how to do it:

Narrator: With osteoarthritis, bone rubs against bone and this can be very painful, so that those affected have little desire to move. But you should, writes the pharmacy magazine “Diabetes Ratgeber”. You just have to overcome yourself, then exercise can actually relieve the pain, explains editor-in-chief Anne-Bärbel Köhle:

O-Ton Anne-Bärbel Köhle: 19 seconds

“When joints keep moving, it strengthens the surrounding muscles and the movement boosts the metabolism in the joints and thus relieves the pain. Now there are sports such as jogging or football or tennis that strain the joints by stopping abruptly and they are therefore less suitable.”

Speaker: But there are many sporting alternatives. What speaks in favor of the trampoline, for example?

O-Ton Anne-Bärbel Köhle: 19 seconds

“In order to stay physically active, sport has to be fun and trampoline is just fun. With the trampoline, jumping up and down is cushioned and the joints are protected. The deep muscles are particularly stressed and they are important for balance and promotes stability.”

Narrator: Let’s talk about water sports. Why is moving in water so good for the joints?

O-Ton Anne-Bärbel Köhle: 19 seconds

“Water is just awesome, because the joints are under much less strain and the water also has a lot of resistance, which is why it is of course particularly effective. This applies to water aerobics, aqua jogging or swimming, all these sports are good for endurance and strength, so also for muscle building.”

Moderation: Since we all want to stay or become healthy and fit, we should immediately become active in sports, recommends the “Diabetes Ratgeber”.

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