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03.02.2022 – 13:55


Bonn (ots)

She’s been in office for 100 days now – the President of the Bundestag Bärbel Bas. At the end of October 2021, she was elected to the state’s second-highest office according to protocol.

The SPD politician, who was born in Duisburg-Walsum and grew up with five siblings in a working-class family, looks back on a classic career path. Through the second educational path, she qualified for a degree in human resource management. Health policy and social issues are among the focal points of her political work.

In the show “phoenix personal” Bärbel Bas talks about her exceptional career, her political plans and how she wants to create more transparency and closeness to the people. And how do you feel about compulsory vaccination? She considers vaccination to be a great achievement and advocates for it. But with regard to compulsory vaccination, she says: “I haven’t decided myself yet.” The political corona management considers it to be expandable: sometimes the communication was confusing. Political mistakes were also made. “You have to admit that.”

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