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03.02.2022 – 18:02

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Berlin (ots)

“Nothing is certain in the unknown” – this was the platitude brought by the CDU MP Sepp Müller last week in the Bundestag debate on the introduction of a general obligation to vaccinate. However, he is only partially right about this. Because one thing is certain: everyone will come into contact with the corona virus at some point. A virus that mutates so quickly and keeps gaining “fitness” cannot be eradicated. It is therefore absolutely right to think about opening strategies despite the continued high number of infections. However, it is questionable whether now is the right time for a total opening like in Denmark.

Three facts speak against it. First: Especially among the elderly, the proportion of unvaccinated people is still too high. If they get sick, they are much more likely to end up in the hospital than vaccinated people. Second: The Standing Committee on Vaccination has not yet issued any recommendations for the vaccination of small children under the age of five. So far, only off-label vaccinations have been possible in this age group: some doctors vaccinate small children despite the lack of approval for the vaccines. Third, there is still insufficient data on the risk of contracting Long Covid with an omicron infection.

“The ideal immunization is that you have a complete vaccine immunization with three doses and on the basis of this immunization you are then infected with the virus for the first and second and third time and that you develop mucosal immunity as a result,” says the virologist Christian Drosten. In other words: At some point we have to open the gates – but later, please! Because it is questionable whether the current level of contamination is not already too risky. Many students are exposed to the virus without being asked.

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