▷ EU taxonomy: More than 330,000 signatures handed over to the Greens federal executive board

03.02.2022 – 11:25

Campact e.V.

Berlin (ots)

A broad civil society alliance handed over more than 330,000 signatures against the EU Commission’s proposal for the taxonomy regulation to the Greens today. The designated federal chairwoman of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Ricarda Lang, accepted the signatures.

With the handover to the party chair, the alliance organizations BUND, Campact, Deutsche Umwelthilfe, Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende, Greenpeace, IPPNW, NABU, Munich Environmental Institute and Uranium Network are appealing “No to nuclear and gas” directly to the green governing party.

The alliance explains: “It is high time that the traffic light coalition showed its colors when it came to the EU taxonomy. Gas and nuclear power are not sustainable. That must now be formulated clearly. We call on the governing parties, both in the EU Council of Ministers, to to agree to the EU Commission’s proposal and, if necessary, to file a lawsuit with the European Court of Justice. If the traffic light coalition wants to act credibly on climate protection, it needs a clear no.”

Under the following link you will find more photos of the campaign in the course of the morning: https://www.flickr.com/photos/campact/

Press contacts:

BUND: Sigrid Wolff, [email protected], 030 27586 497
Campact: Maria Henk, [email protected], 0173 2518013
NABU: Katrin Jetzlsperger, [email protected], 0173 3555 202
Greenpeace: Bjoern Jettka, [email protected], 0171 8780 778
Citizens’ movement Finanzwende: Julian Merzbacher, [email protected], 0160 9298 1855
German environmental aid: DUH newsroom, [email protected], 030 2400867 20
IPPNW: Lara-Marie Krauße, [email protected], 030 69 80 74 15
Munich Environmental Institute: Dr. Hauke ​​Doerk, [email protected], 0151 4032 0892
Uranium Network: Günter Wippel, [email protected], 0162 822 87 17

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