▷ Einhell Delphi study shows: Do-it-yourselfers only rely on rechargeable batteries

03.02.2022 – 18:35

Einhell Germany AG

Landau/Isar (ots)

Battery technology will completely replace corded or petrol-powered tools and garden equipment. In the year 2030, people in Germany will use all of their motorized devices with battery technology, predicts a clear majority of the experts who were interviewed as part of the Einhell Delphi study “Home 2030”.

“Profound expertise of the experts”

The WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management had 60 renowned experts discuss future theses and evaluated these contributions for the Einhell Delphi study “Home 2030”. “We didn’t want a large number of individual voices, as with survey-based studies, but well-founded expertise from the experts in order to get a comprehensive perspective on the topic.”, explains study leader Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt, Head of the Center for Sports and Management at the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management, which conducted the Delphi study on behalf of Einhell.

“People seem to be very concerned about the topic of rechargeable batteries and the associated trend in the study. This shows us that we are on the right track and that Einhell made the right decisions at the right time,” says Andreas Kroiss, CEO of Einhell Germany AG, and explains: “Einhell has set standards with the Power X-Change battery platform and the promise: ‘One battery for all devices’. It’s not for nothing that Einhell is the market leader in Germany in many segments and is also a regular test winner.”

Battery technology has made tremendous advances

When the first lithium-ion batteries replaced the previous nickel-cadmium technology two decades ago, this new type of storage also inspired DIY enthusiasts. The lithium-ion batteries practically no longer self-discharge and could therefore be stored in the tool cabinet for weeks and months for the next use. In addition, there was finally no more memory effect, so the batteries retained their full storage capacity over time. In the meantime, this battery technology has also been further developed. Today’s lithium-ion batteries have more than double the energy capacity of their predecessors.

As a leading supplier of cordless tools and garden tools, Einhell recognized the signs of the times early on and developed and implemented a platform strategy. With the Power X-Change battery platform, every battery can be used in all devices in the product family. The special feature of the Power X-Change batteries from Einhell is the intelligent electronics. The Active Battery Management System not only ensures perfectly balanced, gentle charging and a better supply of energy, but also guarantees the highest level of safety, since a battery switches off automatically in the event of a fault, for example a short circuit, and does not burst into flames. And thanks to twin-pack technology, more powerful devices can also be operated with 2x 18 volts (= 36 volts). In terms of performance, they are in no way inferior to wired or petrol-powered devices. Over 200 devices now belong to the Power X-Change platform. By 2025 there should even be 350 devices. The offer ranges from cordless screwdrivers to chain saws, robotic lawnmowers and water pumps.

This wide and future-proof range means that the experts assume that do-it-yourselfers will only rely on this battery technology in the future. Many experts are even of the opinion that customers will consciously choose a single platform system because they do not want to have a multitude of different batteries and chargers. This would not only be very desirable for practical and sustainable reasons, but “would simplify many things in everyday life”, as one expert commented in the study.

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Einhell is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art tools for house and garden. Through the constant expansion of its innovative battery platform Power X-Change, the internationally successful company based in Landau/Isar (Bavaria) is a pioneer in the field of battery-powered tools and gardening equipment. For years, Einhell has been setting standards with its products in terms of endurance, performance and safety. Einhell customers also appreciate the wireless freedom for all do-it-yourself projects, the attractive price-performance ratio and first-class customer service.

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