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03.02.2022 – 18:15

Central German newspaper

Halle/MZ (ots)

Anyone who also thinks that these Winter Games could offer a platform to push changes is also thinking too little. This is shown by the experiences of history. Has China developed positively after the 2008 summer games in Beijing? Has Russia become more democratic after the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi and the 2018 World Cup? Of course not. In both cases, the following applies: Sport came and went again – the lack of democracy, on the other hand, remained and tended to increase. So more politics than the alleged absence of politics at the Winter Games starting this Friday is not possible. It is not for nothing that Russia’s head of state, Vladimir Putin, is visiting his Chinese colleague Xi Jinping right now, while the German government continues to shy away from taking a clear position on these Winter Olympics.

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