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03.02.2022 – 19:22

Central Bavarian newspaper


It’s a cross with this Olympia. On the one hand, it’s this sometimes unique opportunity in an athlete’s career to get a reward for your efforts, and in some sports it’s soon to be the only chance of getting noticed – at least once every four years. It involves endless effort, a lifelong dream, unique. On the other hand, the once noble idea of ​​the peaceful meeting of the world with commerce and gigantism has long been so ruined that people often turn away in disgust at the word “Olympia”. How can this stark contradiction be resolved?

Certainly not with a stage like in China, where a system that attaches great importance to it can also boast of being the first country to have hosted both summer and winter games in one place. In just 14 years, the place in the history books is assured. Unfortunately. The child fell into the well when it was awarded in June 2015. It makes sense in Kuala Lumpur – maybe a winter sports resort in the future? Someone would have to put a stop to it: In the end, there were two questionable candidates left in Beijing and Almaty in Kazakhstan. A choice between plague and cholera.

If the IOC leader then goes on a cuddly course with those in power instead of expressing a critical distance, and celebrates the market development for lifts and snow groomers in games like these – there is talk of a potential 300 million new winter sports fans in China – then it’s final clear: someone like Thomas Bach guards everything, just not sport and athletes, although as an Olympic fencing champion he himself was someone who should know what it’s all about.

Namely, to find out why in Sweden or Austria and in Germany the preventers will soon appear on the scene when it’s just about the application. Olympics could also push infrastructure so sustainably that afterwards even opponents have to admit that they benefit from it. With sports facilities that can be used sensibly, with better roads, better public transport. And above all: With pictures and role models that encourage children to say: “Mom, Dad, I want that too.” Just a few arguments as an example. Is that pure dreaming, really that unrealistic?

In a dictatorial country, people don’t ask if it’s not crazy that the 2.3 billion euro bobsleigh and toboggan run project for Beijing – undoubtedly a perfect facility – currently costs 500,000 euros for a ride like that German bobsleigh world champion Johannes Lochner overturned in an ARD documentary. “After the Olympics it’s maybe 250,000 euros” – still surreal enough. And that in a dry region with water shortages, water is pumped over 60 kilometers just to be able to adequately sprinkle a ski area that has been built from the ground up, should have been forbidden.

The current path of Olympia is wrong. And yet the Olympics will again be this myth in Beijing, which exudes fascination and will always exude. As is so often the case, the athletes have to put up with a soup that others have gotten them into. Apart from the Chinese, hardly any athlete would have voted for an award in the “world-famous” winter sports resort of Beijing. As if games like this weren’t difficult enough due to the Corona situation, which will cost some favorites their gold, silver or bronze. It is only a little comforting that in 2024, 2026 and 2028 in Paris, Milan/Cortina d’Ampezzo and Los Angeles the discussions will and can be more moderate again. The previous list of applicants for the winter of 2030 also looks decent. That gives you time to catch your breath. But the woman is wanted, the man with the rescue package for the Olympics. Unfortunately nobody is in sight.

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