Peterborough MP Michelle Ferreri urges Trudeau to negotiate with truck convoy protesters – Peterborough | The Canadian News

In her latest social media post, Peterborough-Kawartha Conservative MP Michelle Ferreri is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to meet with protesters to end the ongoing anti-COVID-19 restriction demonstrations in Ottawa. On her Facebook page on Wednesday, the MP said she has met with protesters and Ottawa police to discuss the impasse that entered into […]

Meta cayeron gains 8% in quarter quarter 2021

Meta, the company matrix of Facebook and Instagram, earning $ 10,300 million in net worth in the quarter, an 8% less than a year ago, according to a statement posted on Wednesday. The giant of social networks, which seeks to reinvent with the metaversodecapitation of the inverters and its titular cayo more than 18% during […]

Alphabet, 2 centimeters in dollars

Alphabetmatrix of Googlethe internet searcher, stands alone 35,027 million dollars or 1.78% of the 2 billion dollars worth of market value in the New York Values ​​Ball. In the spring of these markets, the developer of products and services related to the Internet, software, consumer electronics, electronic devices and other technologies, Googleincreased by 7.45% in […]

Ukraine and the New World Order

The world has changed so much that in 1917 Woodrow Wilson wanted the world to have a secure place for democracy, in 2022 it appears that Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin wanted to make a secure place for the autocracy, and that Ukraine wanted it. a fundamental piece, of the rompecabezas with which quieren armar […]

Meet the new new new new Conservatives

Paul Wells: What lessons does Erin O’Toole offer for the Conservatives? The numbers are against them and the firewall against US conservatism has collapsed. I’m sorry to see Erin O’Toole’s leadership end. He really is a nice guy. Unfortunately they often finish, if not last, at least out of the running. Let’s talk numbers, then […]

Banco Central Brasil has a key interest rate of 10.75% and indicates a reduction in the pace of adjustment

El Banco Central de Brasil raised the Selic rate by 1.5 percentage points per third consecutive year, to 10.75%, continuing the aggressive monetary recovery cycle to contain inflation, indicating a reduction in the pace of adjustment at the Monetary Policy Committee meeting (Copom) in March. The Central Bank mantuvo, without embarrassment, its position that, in […]