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As of: 02/01/2022 6:42 p.m

The Hamburg police spent hours on Tuesday with a large contingent at the Otto-Hahn school in Jenfeld. A witness had reported an armed youth. After four hours, the police were able to give the all-clear.

A police spokeswoman said in the late afternoon that no weapon had been found during a search of the extensive site with its seven buildings. However, the buildings would be searched again after the students had left them. The search for the suspected armed youth continues.

Concrete statements of an eyewitness

A witness called 911. A teenager, around 18 years old or a little younger, pulled a gun out of his backpack while crossing Jenfelder Allee on Tuesday afternoon and probably loaded it. Then he put the gun in his trouser pocket and went to the grounds of the Otto Hahn School together with a teenager of about the same age. “The witness made very clear statements, he seemed very credible,” said the police spokeswoman. The police assumed there was a threat.

Large contingent of the police

The police responded with a large contingent. At least 50 police vehicles, as well as fire and rescue services were deployed. Heavily armed special task forces also moved in, and a police helicopter circled over the school.

A total of 1,500 students attend the school

There are a total of 53 classes at the Otto Hahn School, attended by almost 1,500 students. The children and young people locked themselves in the classrooms together with their teachers – according to the rules in the event of an amok alarm. The school grounds were cordoned off extensively. Shortly thereafter, the police tweeted that it was not clear whether the gunman observed actually entered the building or just headed in the direction of the school building and then perhaps walked past the school.

Pupils are allowed to go to their parents

Parents who arrived at the school were asked by the police to meet at a collection point that had been set up. There they were provided with up-to-date information. After the police gave the all-clear, the students were allowed to join their parents there. The students who could fit the description of the witness had to stay longer. They were sighted by the criminal police and some were photographed in order to be able to show the witness pictures.

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