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The travel agency Gern Reisen in Munich has taken over the booking portal The portal, which was founded by Udo Hell, the former member of the supervisory board of Best-Reisen-Kooperation, claims to be the leading online platform for study trips in Germany.

Gern Reisen specializes in the luxury sector and also operates as an organiser. At the same time, the travel agency is said to be one of the most successful sellers of study trips in Germany and has expertise in the online sector through its activity as an organiser. The mainstay of study trips is to be strengthened by the purchase of

As part of the reorganization of the corporate divisions of his city travel agency in Waldmohr, Palatinate, Udo Hell decided to part with He recently sold the portal to Lernidee Erlebnisreisen. Hell wants to continue the travel agency and some other online activities.

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