Beverage market: Germans drink even less beer

Status: 01.02.2022 12:35 p.m

Germans also drank less beer last year. The Corona crisis has reinforced a long-term trend. At the same time, demand from abroad is increasing.

Germany’s breweries once again sold less beer last year. As reported by the Federal Statistical Office, sales fell by 2.2 percent to 8.5 billion liters. This is the smallest amount since statistics were introduced. Since the beer tax was revised in 1993, the volume of beer has fallen by 23.9 percent.

In Germany, sales fell by 3.4 percent to 7.0 billion liters. Domestic beer sales have been steadily declining for years.

Slump due to spring lockdown

As the most important reason for the further decline after the already very weak year 2020, the brewing industry had already named the corona restrictions for the catering trade last week. According to statistics, losses were particularly high in the lockdown months of January and February 2021. In the spring, the gastronomy was gradually opened and beer sales recovered.

According to the Brauerbund, the smaller breweries in particular are struggling with the slump in sales because they are more dependent on draft beer sales in restaurants or at events. Numerous companies have recently announced price increases.

Export runs better

A ray of hope for the breweries was the export business, which is becoming increasingly important for the companies. The exported volume rose by four percent to 1.6 billion liters. Mixed beer drinks also increased.

German beer was in greater demand than in the previous year, especially in countries outside the EU. Here, sales climbed by 12.7 percent to 817.3 million liters. In contrast, four percent less beer was exported to the EU countries.

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