▷ The labor market is on course for recovery

01.02.2022 – 19:43

Straubinger daily newspaper


Around 133,000 more unemployed than in the previous month – that sounds like a crisis. On closer inspection, however, the labor market appears to be in good shape this winter. Because at 2.462 million, the number of people without a job is only 37,000 above the level of January 2020. The labor market is on the road to recovery. (…)

However, some sectors are still a long way from normality. The Federal Agency has received many notifications from companies that short-time work is expected. The Omikron variant is difficult for companies, and given the infection process and the Corona rules, potential customers and guests are less inclined to spend money. Overall, there is reason for cautious optimism. But nobody knows whether the hopes for an end to the pandemic will be fulfilled or whether new setbacks are imminent.

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