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01.02.2022 – 14:00

ProSieben MAXX

Unterfoehring (ots)

ProSieben MAXX joins the best ice hockey league in the world. And has committed a top-class team: The experts Christian Ehrhoff, Jochen Hecht and Rick Goldmann bring their experience from a total of 1755 NHL games.

On Sunday, February 20, 2022, starting at 6:45 p.m., ProSieben MAXX will broadcast the duel in the National Hockey League (NHL) between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Carolina Hurricanes live. Every Sunday there will be a match from the regular season and the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the usual football slot. The season ends with the decisive games of the Stanley Cup Finals. In total, ProSieben MAXX shows up to 18 NHL games live and exclusively on German free TV.

The “ran ice hockey” team goes onto the ice with this “Starting Six”: Basti Schwele and Franz Büchner comment on the encounters. The two NHL legends Christian Ehrhoff and Jochen Hecht as well as Rick Goldmann analyze the games as experts. Netman Christoph “Icke” Dommisch provides voices, opinions and information from the web.

ran.de offers all ice hockey fans the complete #ranNHL package with videos, news, match reports, results and tables.

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