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Munich (ots)

Although the corona numbers are reaching new records every day, calls for easing are getting louder. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), for example, considers opening steps to be possible from mid-February. When will a return to normality be possible? What distinguishes Germany from Denmark, which is now lifting almost all restrictions? Questions to the Federal Minister of Health Prof. Karl Lauterbach (SPD) and lung specialist Dr. Thomas Voshaar.

Countries like the US and UK are reacting harshly to Putin’s demands in the Ukraine conflict. The traffic light, however, is still at odds about the appropriate way to deal with Russia. Wolfgang Ischinger, longtime chairman of the Munich Security Conference, sharply criticizes the restrained action of the federal government. According to the foreign policy expert, Germany is now “in a bad, bad light” with the United States and other allies. Wolfgang Ischinger is a guest in the studio.

The Winter Olympics in Beijing start on Friday. The venue is controversial because of human rights violations in China. In addition, China is completely isolating athletes and journalists from the population because of the Omicron variant. How normal can the games get?

The former ARD sports presenter discusses, comments and explains Gerhard Delling, the deputy editor-in-chief of the parliamentary office of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” Cerstin Gammelin and the editor-in-chief of “t-online.de” Florian Harms.

The guests:

Karl Lauterbach, SPD (Federal Minister of Health)

Thomas Voshaar (lung specialist)

Wolfgang Ischinger (Chairman Munich Security Conference)

Gerhard Delling (former ARD moderator)

Cerstin Gammelin (“Southgerman newspaper”)

Florian Harms (“t-online.de”)

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