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01.02.2022 – 12:31

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Heavy legs, feelings of tension and pain? Swollen legs can have different causes. A pronounced venous disease, a leg ulcer (ulcus cruris venosum) or a restricted function of the lymphatic system are common reasons for fluid accumulation in the tissue. Edema can be treated well with medical compression therapy. They can be decongested with adaptive (= adjustable) compression garments such as circaid juxtalite or circaid juxtafit from medi. The swelling subsides, discomfort is alleviated and the legs feel more relaxed again.

Medical adaptive compression systems are an innovative and not yet well-known solution for decongestion of venous edema and lymphedema. They can offer advantages over conventional wrap bandages.

  • The lower leg compression garment circaid juxtalite is used to decongest pronounced venous edema and to treat leg ulcers. Optionally, the foot can also be treated.
  • The circaid juxtafit compression system for decongestion of lymphedema is available for the upper and lower leg as well as for the arm. Furthermore, it can be expanded with foot and hand supplies.
  • The circaid compression system consists of interlocking straps and is fixed with Velcro fasteners. The specialists in the medical trade explain in detail how it works and how to use it.
  • In addition to the nursing staff or relatives, patients whose mobility allows it can put on the compression system themselves and fix it with the Velcro fasteners. Routine quickly sets in and the circaid fittings are put on and taken off quickly compared to time-consuming compression bandaging. In this way, patients can help shape the compression therapy independently and also freely plan the time for daily skin care and hygiene.
  • Another plus: Patients can also use the circaid compression garment with their shoes – this promotes mobility in everyday life.

The doctor determines the therapeutically necessary compression pressure of the circaid supply. This is set correctly and easily with a measuring card, the circaid Built-In-Pressure System. A measurement card is included with every circaid fitting.

The circaid compression fitting can be removed, put on again and readjusted independently at any time. (1) The compression pressure remains constant during the wearing period (2), the fitting fits correctly and does not slip. This optimally promotes the regression of the edema. circaid compression garments are comfortable to wear: they are breathable, the odor-inhibiting material with an antibacterial effect is suitable for washing machines and dryers.

Once the edema has been drained, the maintenance phase follows with medical compression stockings from medi, such as mediven plus, mediven forte in vein therapy or mediven 550 arm / leg from medi in lymphedema therapy.

Adaptive compression supplies can be prescribed by a doctor if medically necessary and are available from specialist medical retailers. Information material on the adaptive circaid compression systems is available from medi Verbraucherservice, telephone 0921 912-750, e-mail [email protected] or to download at www.medi.de/service/infomaterial available.

Surfing tips with demo videos: www.medi.biz/circaid l www.medi.biz/jf l www.medi.biz/jl

Background: circaid® – inspired by nature

circaid products have a role model from the animal world: the giraffe. Because although giraffes are on their feet around the clock and stand a lot, they don’t have any venous diseases. The reason: the animals have inelastic skin that does not stretch. So you wear permanent natural compression. Inspired by this, an inelastic leg garment was created, which was further developed into today’s circaid products.

Sources: (1) Rabe E et al. S2k guideline: Medical compression therapy of the extremities with medical compression stockings (MCS), phlebological compression bandages (PCV) and medical adaptive compression systems (MAK). Published online at: https://www.awmf.org/leitlinien/detail/ll/037-005.html (Last access 01/25/2022). (2) Pannier F et al. S2k guideline: Diagnosis and therapy of varicose veins. Published online at: www.awmf.org/leitlinien/detail/ll/037-018.html (Last access 01/25/2022).

Intended purpose – circaid® leg supports: Compression garments are used to compress the leg of patients with venous and lymphatic disorders. l circaid® juxtafit® essentials Arm: The compression garment is used to compress the arm of patients with venous and lymphatic disorders. l circaid® foot options: The compression garment is used to compress the foot and ankle in patients with venous and lymphatic disorders. l mediven plus, mediven forte: Circular-knit medical compression stocking for compression of the lower extremities, mainly in the treatment of diseases of the venous system. l mediven 550 Bein: Flat-knit medical compression garment for compression of the lower extremities, mainly in the treatment of diseases of the lymphatic system. l mediven 550 Arm: Flat-knit medical compression garment for compression of the upper extremities, mainly in the treatment of diseases of the venous or lymphatic system.

medi – I feel better. For the company medi, around 3,000 employees worldwide make a significant contribution to making people feel better. The aim is to enable users and patients to achieve maximum therapeutic success in the medical field (medi Medical) and also to have a unique body image in the sports and fashion segment (CEP and ITEM m6). The range of services from medi Medical includes medical compression stockings, adaptive compression supplies, bandages, orthoses, anti-thrombosis stockings, compression clothing and orthopedic insoles. In addition, many years of experience in the field of compression technology also flow into the development of sports and fashion products. The cornerstone for the internationally successful company was laid in Bayreuth in 1951. Today, medi is one of the leading manufacturers of medical aids and delivers to over 90 countries around the world with a network of distributors and its own branches. www.medi.de, www.item-m6.com, www.cepsports.com

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