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01.02.2022 – 07:00

Klinikum Bielefeld gem. GmbH

Bielefeld (ots)

Every year, 510,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with cancer – and the trend is rising. Over four million people are living with the disease. And around 40 percent of all cancer cases could be avoided through a healthy lifestyle.

February 4th is World Cancer Day, which is taking place for the 22nd time this year. The Bielefeld Clinic took this day as an opportunity to present the individual actors of its Oncology Center using a video series over the course of the week around February 4th . The videos can be found on the YouTube channel as well as on the hospital’s homepage and social media channels: (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLupruuOk7n7vryexcpKIkhPULt8AaN25s )

The motto of the International Association Against Cancer this year is “Closing gaps in care”. Very good interdisciplinary cooperation between different experts from different fields is essential today for the optimal treatment of malignant diseases. In the oncological center of the Bielefeld Clinic, which was proposed for certification by the German Cancer Society in December 2021, numerous clinics and departments work intensively hand in hand in the care of cancer patients.

“The center offers excellent conditions for the interdisciplinary care of patients with cancer and an optimal infrastructure for the treatment of cancer. In regular tumor conferences, experts from the various specialist departments jointly create an individual treatment plan for each individual patient firmly, which not only takes into account the medical, but also the psychosocial preconditions and wishes of the patient,” outlines private lecturer Dr. Martin Görner, Chief Physician of the Clinic for Haematology, Oncology and Palliative Medicine as Head of the Oncology Center, the center’s work.

The Oncology Center offers the opportunity to close the supply gaps in cancer therapy and to provide patients with the best possible therapy. More information at: https://www.klinikumbielefeld.de/tumorzentrum-im-klinikum-bielefeld.html .

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