▷ Healed status: CSU parliamentary group demands extension and flexibilisation

01.02.2022 – 17:37

CSU parliamentary group in the Bavarian state parliament

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Munich (ots)

6 months instead of currently only 3 months: according to the will of the CSU parliamentary group, the recovered status should apply again in the future. The state government is requested by an emergency application to work at the federal level to ensure that the current reduction in the convalescent status is revoked.

In the Group’s view, this reduction was a coup de main and arbitrary. The aim of the parliamentary group is therefore for Germany to implement the EU recommendation, according to which the convalescent status should apply for 6 months, and to leave the current special path.

The health policy spokesman for the CSU parliamentary group, Bernhard Seidenath:

We have to take people with us when it comes to the Corona rules. The sudden shortening of the recovered status unsettles absolutely unnecessarily. I am annoyed by the silence of the Federal Government in this regard – this is a clear leadership failure on the part of the Federal Chancellor.

Martin Mittag, CSU speaker in the plenary debate, adds:

“The constant and, above all, surprising back and forth costs trust: a shortening of the recovered status is scientifically anything but compelling. If you look across the border to Austria and Switzerland – you are even considered recovered for much longer here. That means for us : there is not enough Bavarian thinking in the federal government.”

In addition, the parliamentary group is once again calling for clarity from the federal authorities and science on the question of which parameters can be considered to have an immune status. In this way, more individual vaccination decisions should be made possible and, in the long term, a precise definition for proof of immunity and recovery should be made possible.

The urgent motion will be adopted in plenary tomorrow.

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