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01.02.2022 – 19:40

Central Bavarian newspaper


Thousands of builders breathe a sigh of relief. At least the applications for funding for energy-saving houses that have already been submitted are now being processed. For days, home builders were upset. The anger was justified. Because a messed-up government building subsidy has messed up their financing. The anger at Economics and Climate Minister Robert Habeck was great. But that’s not the only reason why his approach to the KfW aid remains a disaster, even if a solution has now been put together. With the abrupt halt to the most important subsidy program for ecological building, Habeck not only lost trust, but also pulled the plug on his energetic start to a new era of climate protection policy.

The first point of contact that many citizens had directly with the decision announced by Habeck will be remembered negatively. He will remain the minister who wanted – or spoiled – their housing grants. Because everyone who was planning or planning to apply for grants does not yet know what the new funding guidelines will look like. And, what is even worse: The green vice chancellor did not keep what he promised in his “opening balance sheet” in mid-January. Habeck brought diagrams with colored curves to explain his plans for the energy transition. That was clever. Because he showed where Germany stands and where he wants to go. It was about reducing carbon dioxide emissions, expanding renewable energies, wind power, solar energy and, overall, the enormous deficit that Germany had to catch up on in these fields in order to achieve climate neutrality. Habeck explained that he wanted to bring about a new social awakening. That sounded promising. Especially since the climate minister announced that he would like to talk to as many people as possible, take them with him and convince them.

It sounded like a promise. Habeck’s serve was also mostly well received. After all, many Germans see climate change as the greatest danger of our time. That is why they also want to take part in climate change. Many citizens do not want to waste heat in their apartments. They gratefully accepted the grants offered for the conversion or new building. They didn’t expect it to end almost overnight. Nor did they have to. After all, Habeck had announced that he wanted to communicate well. The climate minister did not do that just two weeks after his large-scale press conference. Habeck acted in a hasty style – and without convincing the people.

Now he has to row back. There was no other way to calm the waves. But the damage to Habeck remains. Because the ministry justified the stop by saying that efficiency houses 55 are standard on the market anyway. Habeck spoke of “overfunding”. And now another five billion are to flow for houses with an energy standard of dubious additional climate benefit. The truth is, someone is buying themselves peace here. This is perhaps understandable, good politics is not. Because either subsidies serve a goal – or they are wasted money.

Habeck’s “opening balance” is poor for his own person. There are really big chunks for the climate minister still to come. The high energy costs are causing problems for many people in the country. He has to provide answers, which in turn can cost money: What can be done about the high energy prices? How to guarantee security of supply in Germany?

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