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What is fake news, can a child recognize it and how can parents explain it, how do I protect the offspring if they are affected by hate and insults on the Internet, what is important to pay attention to in gaming chats? … Radio TEDDY – Germany’s first children’s and family radio – scores with professional competence in the program. On the occasion of the international Safer Internet Day 2022, the broadcaster is launching a complete theme week all about the web for the first time.

Under the motto “Fit for democracy, strong for society”, different focal points are set in the popular program sections “Radio TEDDY-Elternratgeber”, “Radio TEDDY-Webcheck”, “Radio TEDDY-Family Compass” and “Tips for Kids”. . IT experts, psychologists, media politicians analyse, question, explain in interviews, for example, how to use the web safely, point out possible dangers, but also explain the opportunities that arise with use and the great fun that comes with it can adjust.

Highlight of the theme week: Tuesday, February 8th, 2022, from 5:00 a.m. an all-day special program. News, presentations, and all Radio TEDDY program sections are dedicated to Safer Internet Day 2022. Throughout the day, the young listeners learn in a child-friendly form what they should watch out for when surfing the net, and their parents learn how to use their Being able to give young professionals professional support in using the internet, smartphones and social media. So parents are invited to the brand new section “Do you know that?” in the morning show “Radio TEDDY 10 to 2” on the subject of “class chats” on air. The most important and further information will be available at the same time on radioteddy.de.

Radio TEDDY program manager Roland Lehmann on the extended special: “Smartphones and social media are extremely present in everyday family life and raise numerous questions for children and parents. Radio TEDDY answers them together with a large team of experts. In this way, we teach children media competence at eye level and make parents even fitter when it comes to media education with practical tips – all according to our motto, ‘It’s fun! Makes you smart!'”

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