▷ FDP health expert Ullmann: Need effective communication against misinformation

01.02.2022 – 11:04


Bonn/Ennepetal (ots)

In the phoenix interview, the FDP health expert and professor of infectiology, Andrew Ullmann, pointed out the importance of a “good and well thought-out” communication strategy to increase the corona vaccination rate. “I think it’s reasonable to say that people have to acquire various skills, not just through the Internet, but through professional and personal education, so that they can then decide whether they want to be vaccinated or not,” says Ullmann . There is still “too much fake news and misinformation circulating on the internet,” said Ullmann. But it’s also about people’s worries and fears, “we have to take them seriously and, in my opinion, that can only be done in personal conversations, which we urgently need to have here,” warned Ullmann. That’s why he, together with MPs from the SPD and Greens, developed an application “that we want to offer mandatory education for those who have not yet been vaccinated.”

The Corona Expert Council set up by the federal government had also recently called for an improvement in communication with citizens. When asked about this criticism, Ullmann said: “A lot has been left undone in the past and it is a great challenge to solve these problems just a few days after taking office.” The traffic light is in the process of developing a communication strategy. The poster campaign recently presented by Chancellor Scholz is just a start. “You can still discuss whether it was successful or not. But it doesn’t just have to be posters, people have to be reached in schools or at work, in nursing homes, in hospitals, different communication channels have to be used.” , according to Ullman.

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