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01.02.2022 – 15:31

HessenChemie Employers’ Association

Wiesbaden (ots)

The demand published today by the IG BCE Hessen-Thüringen refers to HessenChemie’s general manager Dirk Meyer as an “expensive surprise package without the necessary foresight”.

“An increase in real wages based on the currently distorted inflation, plus an increase in the night shift premiums, together with the other demands, is too expensive a surprise package that we have to reject,” explains Meyer. He expects difficult talks on March 2 at the start of the chemical collective bargaining round in Wiesbaden because the IG BCE in its previous statements assumes that the economic assessment is far too positive and simply ignores the numerous problems faced by companies.

Despite the clear recovery of the last few months, production in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry is not yet back on a growth course after losses from the recession and the corona crisis. Currently, the companies are also burdened across the board by massive increases in energy and raw material costs as well as logistics problems. “The sales figures, which appear decent at first glance, do not lead to the desired income because of the cost pressure,” stresses Meyer. “But we need good yields in order to be able to finance the challenges of climate protection, the circular economy, digitization and demographic change,” says Meyer.

So now is not the time for expensive wage agreements in a high-wage industry like the chemical industry; Rather, investments must be made in the future of the industrial location. “The prerequisite for this are financially strong companies that can also enter the race with competitive labor costs,” emphasizes Meyer.

On March 2, 2022, the first nationwide regional negotiation as part of this year’s chemical collective bargaining round will take place in Wiesbaden. Negotiations are being made for around 97,000 employees in the industry in Hesse.

About HessenChemie

The employers’ association HessenChemie brings together 310 member companies with 105,000 employees in the chemical-pharmaceutical and plastics processing industry as well as some industry-related service companies. Around 4,400 young people are currently being trained in the member companies. HessenChemie represents the collective bargaining and socio-political interests of its members vis-à-vis trade unions, politicians and the public.

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