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01.02.2022 – 17:05

bpa – federal association of private providers of social services registered association

Berlin (ots)

In order to implement the facility-related compulsory vaccination, nationwide uniform specifications for the health authorities must be submitted. The Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services eV (bpa) clearly demands this. Such an intervention in nursing care cannot take place in the context of individual decisions in health authorities: “In autumn, the federal government hastily decided on the facility-related vaccination requirement in coordination with the federal states. It was always clear that the intended effect of protecting the vulnerable population groups can only be achieved in conjunction with a general obligation to vaccinate. If the employees are vaccinated but the grandchildren are not, there is no protection,” says bpa President Bernd Meurer.

“Meanwhile, it is becoming increasingly clear that both the care facilities and the health authorities are threatened with overburdening due to the facility-related vaccination requirement. If the supply collapses, the federal government does not want it to have been the end of the day,” Meurer comments on current statements from the Federal Ministry of Health, according to which after the Once the facility-related vaccination requirement came into force, the local health authorities would have to decide for themselves whether and how quickly they would take action.

“There are no uniform rules for implementation, as were rightly demanded by the health ministers of the federal states, and the plans for general vaccination are also stagnating. The federal government must finally create clarity instead of passing on responsibility to the overburdened facilities and the local health authorities “, said the bpa president. Before the implementation of the institution-related vaccination obligation, reliable emergency plans for ensuring the care of people in need of care should be on the table, as well as a nationwide, reliable, graduated procedure.

With more than 12,000 active member institutions, the Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services (bpa) is the largest lobby of private providers of social services in Germany. Facilities for outpatient and (partly) inpatient care, assistance for the disabled and child and youth welfare in private sponsorship are a systemically relevant part of services of general interest. As a good example of public-private partnership, the members of the bpa are responsible for around 365,000 jobs and around 27,000 apprenticeships (see www.youngpropflege.de or www.facebook.com/Youngpropflege). Investments in social infrastructure amount to around 29 billion euros.

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For queries: Norbert Grote, Bernd Tews, bpa managing directors, Tel.: 030/30 87 88 60, www.bpa.de

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