DRSF: Managing Director Thomas Schreiber leaves | tourism up-to-date

Thomas Schreiber, one of the three heads of the German Travel Insurance Fund (DRSF), is leaving the company at the end of February. The remaining managing directors Andreas Gent and Stefan Mees will take on the tasks of Schreiber on an equal footing.

According to a statement, this decision was made by mutual agreement with the DRSF group of shareholders after it became apparent that the fund is subject to restrictive investment guidelines. As a result, in the future, Schreiber’s expertise in the field of capital investments would “not come into its own to the extent originally planned”.

Thomas Schreiber set up the travel security fund together with Andreas Gent. Under his leadership, the new legal regulations for insolvency protection were implemented within a short period of time and around 150 travel providers were included in the fund.


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