▷ Relaxation in schools: Young pirates criticize the government’s plans

31.01.2022 – 13:16

Pirate Party Germany

Dusseldorf (ots)

+++ Minister of Health Lauterbach comments on easing +++ Retaining the obligation to be present infects students +++ Young pirates against plans of the federal government +++

At the federal press conference on January 28, 2022, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach announced the federal government’s strategy for dealing with schools [1]. This includes, among other things, the conscious acceptance of the infection of schoolchildren to protect the older population groups.

Explained about this Sven Bechen, second chairman of the Young Pirates and candidate on the PIRATE NRW list for the state elections: “I consider the strategy of Health Minister Lauterbach and the federal government to be fatal. I agree that older people must be protected. However, this must not and cannot continue to happen at the expense of schoolchildren. Young people have the same right to physical and mental health Integrity like the elderly. Currently, in my opinion, this right of our wards is being disregarded.”

Mika Gertenbach, Chairman of the Young Pirates, adds: “We Junge Piraten reject the federal government’s plan to deliberately expose young people to a risk of infection by continuing classroom teaching at schools. Willful infection with SARS-CoV-2 carries the risk of children dying or a long time after infection have to suffer from LongCovid symptoms. We therefore call for the immediate nationwide lifting of the obligation to be present.

In addition, we expressly support students: inside, who are in groups like #ChildreneconomyStoppen [2] to organize. Our appeal is to everyone who cares about the well-being of the next generation: Join us!”

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[1] Corona Lage Lauterbach CPC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um0nUe3Ehm0

[2] Change Petition #KinderdurchseuchungStoppen: https://ots.de/u9TkX8

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