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31.01.2022 – 14:14

McDonald’s Germany

Munich (ots)

The company is a strong partner to German agriculture and, with the BEST Beef program, supports local farmers who advocate good practices in cattle farming. The proportion of BEST beef meat is to be increased to up to 25 percent in 2023. In addition, an expansion of the husbandry module to husbandry type 3 by 2027 is planned.

As part of its quality campaign, McDonald’s Germany is increasingly focusing on more sustainable cattle farming. The proportion of meat that comes from the BEST Beef program will increase significantly over the next few months. In 2023, a quarter of the company’s raw beef should come from farmers who participate in this program. The burgers in the new Supreme collection will even be converted to 100 percent BEST beef. But the criteria for the program itself are also being continuously developed. McDonald’s Germany, together with its suppliers, has set itself the goal of moving to husbandry type 3 as the new standard in the husbandry module by 2027. In addition, the promotion of animal health management remains as a further criterion. In an interview with WELT, the CEO of McDonald’s Germany, Mario Federico, made it clear how important the topic is to the company: “We do it out of conviction and want to make a difference. Most of our ingredients come from German production. We are committed to that us to domestic agriculture.”

10 years of BEST beef

10 years ago, the company developed the “Alliance for Excellence, Safety and Transparency” (BEST Beef) together with partners from agriculture, the meat industry and science. With this practice-oriented bonus program, good agricultural practices in cattle farming are specifically rewarded and it is intended to ensure that standards in the areas of animal welfare and animal health are expanded and continuously improved. In addition, this program is working simultaneously to reduce the climate footprint. Because the focus is on animal-friendly forms of husbandry, improved animal health with the lowest possible use of pharmaceuticals and a reduction in CO2 emissions. Farmers who participate in the program are encouraged by receiving a bonus for every kilo slaughter weight. At the same time, this strengthens domestic agriculture, since purchase security is offered. More than 3,500 farmers are currently taking part in the program.

Interested parties can read and view information about McDonald’s Germany’s commitment in this area on the company’s new quality platform. Here you will also find many facts about the BEST Beef program: https://betterm.mcdonalds.de/

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