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31.01.2022 – 10:23

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Inflation has noticeably picked up speed. In the euro zone, consumer prices recently increased by more than five percent compared to the previous year. In Germany there was a price increase of 5.3 percent last month, the strongest since 1992. Governments, companies and private households alike assumed enormous liabilities in their confidence in permanently low inflation rates and interest rates. Now prices are skyrocketing, not only for construction and energy costs, but also for basic foodstuffs. Across the euro area, soaring living costs are a cause for concern. While those who are not doing so well financially are hit particularly hard by inflation, the rich are getting richer and richer. All billionaires in the world were able to increase their wealth by 60 percent last year despite the crisis. The wealth of the ten richest people has increased by $800 billion since March 2020, according to an Oxfam study.

The central bank experts initially spoke of a temporary event, but now they have to backtrack. The Bundesbank expects the price pressure to remain high and in its monthly report warns of an inflation rate that “is likely to remain extraordinarily high”. The Munich ifo Institute is also forecasting an inflation rate of over four percent for the coming months and only sees a gradual relaxation towards the end of 2022. If you have high financial liabilities right now or have already fallen into the debt trap, the question arises as to what you can do in the situation. Ignoring is useless. It is important not to run away from the problem, but to openly admit the situation you are in and actively seek help.

The Swiss consulting company SUD Service & Dienstleistungs AG specializes in providing people in a debt situation with an individually suitable financial reorganizer. The SUD team of experts has many years of experience in the financial sector and is well connected. You cooperate with competent financial experts who know exactly how best to proceed in the event of debt. On the website https://finanzsanierung24.ch/ introduces the company and explains their service. An offer for a financial restructuring can be obtained free of charge and without obligation via an inquiry form. This requires various information on the economic situation. Based on this information, the SUD searches for a suitable financial expert. The data will be forwarded to him in anonymous form for verification. If the expert considers financial restructuring to be possible, he will submit a personal offer and make a binding commitment to take on the case. This offer will be forwarded to the applicant free of charge and without obligation together with an agency contract from SUD Service & Dienstleistungs AG. If the applicant decides in favor of the offer, SUD receives a commission. The financial reorganizer is paid separately for his service. The total costs are well below the usual market fees.

In consultation with the client, the expert develops an individual strategy for financial restructuring. The concept with a payment plan is tailored to the financial possibilities of the debtor. The financial reorganizer also conducts the settlement negotiations with the creditors. Due to his experience and competence, it is often possible to agree on a debt reduction. The entire process is discreet and uncomplicated by post. No personal appointments are necessary. The SUD attaches great importance to seriousness and customer satisfaction, and selects the renovation experts accordingly. With SUD Service & Dienstleistungs AG you have competent support at your side for your debt settlement. Via the website: https://finanzsanierung24.ch/ you can get more information.

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