▷ Five cases where car insurance never pays

31.01.2022 – 09:15


Frankfurt am Main (ots)

Vehicle owners cannot avoid car insurance – this is motor vehicle liability insurance and comprehensive insurance: While the former is required by law, the vast majority of all car owners in Germany also have comprehensive insurance.

While car insurance has mostly benefits, it also comes with some downsides that are worth knowing about. “When it comes to car insurance, consumers pay particular attention to the price. The insurers differ significantly in the scope of services. Are damages on your own property covered, are the consequences of a marten bite paid for and which animals are collisions considered a wildlife accident? These are Questions on which motor vehicle policyholders should seek individual advice before taking out or switching,” says Marco Adelt, COO and co-founder of CLARK. Apart from these individualities, there are some cases where no car insurance will cover the damage.

Five cases in which car owners are left behind

  1. Accidents caused by tire damage: The insurance company is not liable for accidents caused by damage to tires or wheel rims. The treacherous thing is that tires definitely have a memory. Careless driving over a curb can be a long time before the tire develops an external defect.
  2. Tipsy at the wheel: Even below the blood alcohol limit, motor vehicle liability insurance can make recourse claims of up to 5,000 euros. The insurers protect themselves with the so-called “drunkenness clause” in their general motor vehicle conditions (AKB) against the costs incurred through accidents caused by drunk driving.
  3. Accident without TÜV approval sticker: This usually means an accident without insurance cover, because the costs for damage coverage are not fully covered by the insurance company. Vehicle owners will be sued if it turns out that the accident could have been avoided.
  4. Car rental to persons without a driver’s license: Whether with or without knowledge – ignorance falls under negligent action and is expensive for vehicle owners. Here, too, the insurer can make recourse claims.
  5. Damage when moving: If furniture is damaged during the move due to the rapid and overloaded journey, the insurance will not pay. Instead of motor vehicle insurance, the private liability insurance of the polluter can possibly pay.

Change possible at the end of the year

Every year, most car policyholders have until November 30th to cancel their existing contracts in order to switch to a cheaper or more powerful tariff in the new year. In some cases, however, the special right of termination can also be exercised: “The special right of termination not only applies if the car insurance is changed when changing vehicles, but also, for example, if the insurer increases the contributions without improving the range of services,” says Co -Founder and COO of CLARK, Dr. Marco Adelt. Independent advice can help to check the individual insurance situation.

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