▷ FDP in the NRW state parliament for the abolition of 2G in retail and higher capacity utilization in stadiums

31.01.2022 – 14:15

Cologne City Gazette

Dusseldorf (ots)

The FDP in the Düsseldorf state parliament is in favor of clear opening steps in corona policy. “I think we should take the first responsible steps this week,” said Christof Rasche, head of the FDP parliamentary group, to the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”. “I can understand if citizens have no understanding when 10,000 people are allowed into the stadium in Bavaria, but only 750 people are allowed into the NRW stadiums. I could imagine a 1/3 utilization as a compromise between caution and opening step imagine,” said the top liberal.

Rasche also called for new regulations for trade. “In retail we have to get away from 2G again, many jobs are threatened, many businesses are about existence,” Rasche told the newspaper. The risk of infection is “just as low in the clothing store as in the supermarket”. In Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Baden-Württemberg and Saarland, 2G has already been suspended following court rulings.

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