▷ FAZ makes SAP boss Christian Klein a smart man

31.01.2022 – 08:51

FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Frankfurt am Main (ots)

The head of SAP is the new protagonist of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’s (FAZ) newspaper’s multi-award-winning Clever Minds campaign.

Christian Klein’s career is extraordinary: At just 39 years old, he became CEO of SAP in 2019 – making him the youngest head of a DAX company at the time. Since then, the native of the Palatinate has been working on converting the software giant from Walldorf into a successful cloud provider. For Klein, digitization not only means increasing productivity, but also serving social progress. The FAZ appreciates this view of a promising future and has therefore selected Christian Klein for the multi-award-winning campaign “There is always a clever mind behind it”.

Klein attaches particular importance to quality journalism in the online age: if algorithms control which news we get on the screen in social media, a critical classification is essential, he said in an interview with the FAZ. He himself likes to read the printed FAZ at the weekend; during the week he reads digitally.

The motif for the campaign shows Klein sitting on an office chair, hidden behind a print edition of the FAZ. The entire photo is covered with tiny letters, numbers and symbols. It’s a piece of software code written in ABAP, the programming language that SAP developed and made the company great.

Yamina Grossmann, Head of Central Marketing at the FAZ: “Christian Klein is determined to lead SAP into the digital future. Quality journalism is irreplaceable for him. Klein, who has had an incredible career at SAP, combines success and responsibility and is therefore a proven smart man.”

Matthias Spaetgens, Chief Creative Officer of Scholz & Friends: “The motifs of the FAZ campaign are as different as the clever minds behind the newspaper. Once again we try to surprise visually in order to emphasize the range of readership and the complexity of the product.”

The multi-award-winning FAZ campaign “There’s always a clever mind behind it” has been addressing social issues and events since 1995. More than 90 outstanding personalities from politics, business and society have already had their picture taken behind the open newspaper for the series. All motives are here viewable.

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