▷ Brandenburg moves protective fence against African swine fever

31.01.2022 – 19:07

The daily mirror

Berlin (ots)

The protective fence against African swine fever (ASF) is partially implemented in the area of ​​the Lower Oder Valley National Park. This was confirmed to the Tagesspiegel by the head of the Brandenburg ASP crisis management team and State Secretary in the Ministry of Consumer Protection, Anna Heyer-Stuffer. “The conversion is already being prepared,” she said and asked for understanding that the specific new course of the fence could not yet be announced.

The crisis team and the ministry are reacting, as is the Uckermark district responsible for disease control on site, to numerous cases in which deer died in particular. The animals could not get over the ASP protective fences when the so-called polder meadows on the Oder were flooded, as is the case every winter. They drowned or injured themselves so badly that they died.

Videos and photos of dead deer that have been circulating on social media since the beginning of the year have led to a protest movement across Germany. Well over 100,000 people have already signed an Internet petition calling for part of the fence to be moved. Critics accuse the authorities of having ignored corresponding warnings from experts. The ministry and district point out that they reacted immediately after the problem became known. State Secretary Heyer-Stuffer admitted, however, that mistakes had been made from which lessons had to be learned and the consequences drawn. At the same time, she defended the construction of protective fences as the most important means of fighting the animal disease.

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